Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D H Lawrence: Book Review

There are many things to discuss about this novel, and within my discussion I will comment on what may be deemed as 'spoilers', so i'll write the first section of the review which is spoiler-free, then continue into deeper analysis on the later sections Lady Chatterley's Lover. A important aspect of this books popularity, not… Continue reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D H Lawrence: Book Review

January-April Reading Summary

This year, my focus has been to get back on track with my reading. Both reading more, and diverse literature, as well as going back to the roots of where my passion for literature began. Though i have not consumed an incredible amount of books to proclaim to the world (or goodreads) I still find… Continue reading January-April Reading Summary


I don't have a specific point to this post, a meaning or form to fit in a single category. This is not poetry, nor is it to do with mental health or books. Instead I suppose it's somewhat an anecdotal morale booster for anyone struggling with, pretty much anything. In September of last year, I… Continue reading Awakening

Book Review: ‘Whisper To Me’ by Nick Lake

With the topics of this Young Adult novel, I thought it necessary to soften it with a rather cute photo of the novel with fluff items (and I love a pink/purple colour scheme) to begin with. I picked up this novel with no knowledge of the author, and little knowledge of the story - which… Continue reading Book Review: ‘Whisper To Me’ by Nick Lake